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Theme: Planning shore excursions
Location: San Juan Port
Writer: Debbie Molina Ramos

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This guide is about

San Juan cruise port tips for passengers

I hope my experiencies as a cruise ship passenger along with my tourist guide knowledge helps you when planning your tour schedule at the San Juan cruise port in Puerto Rico.

"Time is precious when you only have hours at a cruise port, plan ahead."

Debbie Molina Ramos, Tour designer

This blog is about...

...travel tips at San Juan cruise port

About the Pier's location

  1. The piers are divided in 2 areas: Old San Juan and the Panamerican Piers.
  2. You will need to take a taxi when your ship docks at the Panamerican Piers.
  3. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess and Disney home port ships docks at Panamerican Piers.
  4. Carnival home port ships dock at Old San Juan Piers.
  5. Royal Caribbean and Carnival transit ships docks at Old San Juan Piers.
  6. New cruise lines and ships will join this year. Re-visit for updates.

Transportation options

Taxis are available when exiting the Pier. Ask for the taxi rates at the Ground Transportation booth found outside the pier's exit. To learn about the taxi fares prior to your arrival, visit the Puerto Rico Tourism website that is in charge of establishing the fares.

Uber services are available in Puerto Rico; however, the Law 282 of December 19, 2002, only permites taxis and tour operators to offer commercial services to passengers at the piers, airports, hotels and tourist areas.

Tour bus operators found at the pier's exit if you prefer to book a tour upon arrival. Transfers that includes a tour toward or from the San Juan airport are available with reservations.

Shoppers this is for you.

  1. We have 3 large shopping malls open until 9PM with a 15 to 25 minute one way ride.
  2. Stores in Old San Juan closes at 5PM.
  3. Check the arts and craft are made in Puerto Rico. Might find certified artisan at the plazas. The carving of "Santos" is our oldest artisan craft.
  4. The currency is the United States dollar.
  5. The sales tax is 11.5%
  6. Tips are expected at the restaurants, bars and tours.
Private Sightseeing Tour Private Sightseeing Tour

Smile your are in Puerto Rico

Travelers with walking limitations

Many will find challenging to walk Old San Juan. The 16th century old city have many hills and humidity is high from June to September.

Consider a cultural sightseeing tour where, with the advice of your guide, you decide what you want to do, where to eat, shop and be at the sites you wish to see.

Tips for Foodies

The majority of the restaurants and bars are closed on Mondays. How about a journey into Spanish Colonial times under the Caribbean stars? Listen to the battle stories during our Night Tales in Old San Juan tour.

Find out if you will be in port on a local holiday. All tourist attractions are closed on Holy Friday, US Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your ship docks at 10AM and leaves at 6:30PM on Thanksgiving Day,you could board the bus, head to the countryside to celebrate Puerto Rican style at Roast pork road.

List of local foods and pastry we recommend: "pastelillos, alcapurria, pionono, arroz mamposteao, pollo guisado, chichrones de pollo, quesitos, dulce de leche, pasta de guayaba, mazamorra".

Planning your tours

Arrival time is different to the disembarking time. The ship time is different from Puerto Rico time. Schedule the tours to begin an hour after the ship's arrival time.

You need at least 7 hours in port to enjoy the rainforest tour. Travel time is approximately 2 hours round trip with some traffic. It is suggested to leave the Pier on or before 2PM. The forest's gates closes at 6PM

Beach lovers, there is one nearby with shower facilities, security, etc. No taxi stands available at the beach. Call (787) 605-9060 to talk about our private beach tours with round trip transportation.

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Ideas of what to do, eat and places to visit for repeat and first time visitors.
Getting around is the most challanging task we have when in a city we visit for the first time or being updated with new transportation options.
  • Renting a car in Puerto Rico
  • A Puerto Rican tradition is to have coffee at 10AM and 3PM. Where is the best coffee experience?
    Staying in touch with your love ones at home is very important. Knowing about the technological options to keep in touch and how to do so at a low cost or for free makes us smile.
    You visit a town, city or country because of what you can do for fun. Tips of how to find and choose a tour guide or company.
  • Choosing transportation services in Puerto Rico.
  • Awaken your Puerto Rico vacation memories by cooking a dish, baking and/or preparing a cocktail, juice or coffee.
  • Halloween cake with Puerto Rican rum

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